Wood Flooring - Cleaning and Care

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Care & Maintenance

Wood Flooring - Cleaning and Care

Caring for your hardwood floor is easier than ever, thanks to today's modern finishes. Just follow these guidelines and consult your flooring professional for his or her recommendations.

Spills & Spots - Immediately wipe up any spills or spots with a damp cloth.

Vacuum or Sweep - At least every other week, depending on the foot traffic. Don't let sand and dirt build up.

Monthly - Clean with a Mullican Flooring approved wood floor cleaner which can be purchased from your nearest hardwood flooring dealer. You can also order by calling 800-352-9974, 800-949-0142, or 800-697-9687. Or order online at www.florstor.com, www.weloveyourfloors.com, or www.floorcleaners.net. Never use oil soaps or wax.

Protect - In areas of high traffic, use area rugs to keep wear to a minimum. Move the rugs occasionally to maintain an even color to your finish. Make sure that the rugs have a backing with a mesh or grid pattern which allows the floor to breathe and are approved for hardwood floor finishes. Put mats at all entrances to keep dirt and moisture off the floor. Use felt pads, wide vinyl pads or rubber rollers on the legs of furniture.

Moving - When moving heavy furniture or appliances, place a sheet of masonite or plywood under the piece being moved to distribute the weight and reduce denting or scratching. For light pieces use a clean blanket or a piece of carpet face down under the piece to be moved.

Be Aware - Of high heel shoes that have lost their protective cap and small stones as they can scratch and gouge your floor's surface. Excessive sunlight should be blocked with blinds or drapes. Wet mopping and excessive water can also be harmful to your floor.

Humidity - Ask your flooring professional for the proper humidity needed for your area and circumstances to keep the wood from shrinking. Never shut off your heating, ventilation or air-conditioning system for long periods of time, such as summer vacations.

Repairs - Consult your flooring professional immediately to fix areas that have been damaged, gouged or have a difficult problem, like chewing gum or wax.